About Us

Welcome to SunnyPoint - your digital destination for all things home! We’re glad you found us, so allow us to introduce ourselves

Who We Are

The Sunnypoint brand is all about simplicity and functionality. We believe that if it deserves a spot in your home, it needs to stand up to your toughest challenges and do the job it was intended to do. This means not having to replace items every few years due to wear and tear or breakage. When you don’t have to think about the home items you use every day, you know you’ve found a good one.

For years, we’ve been bringing high-quality home accessories, storage, and organizers to mass merchandise stores and large online distributors. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of our merchandise through other vendors and retailers and not even realized it!

Now, we’re making our products more accessible than ever through our new online boutique. This allows you to cut out some of the layers of complexity in finding the products you need and love. It also ensures you get the best possible price on items to turn your house into a home.

Our Styles

We hand-select each of our products for the kitchen and bath to ensure that only the best products earn a place in our store. We offer many different colors, materials, and styles to help you match your items to your home’s unique personality. Each of the products in our collections features items for every aspect of your home.

 But our service doesn’t end there. We’re continually on the hunt with the most trusted vendors to continue bringing you the latest styles and new, innovative products that improve your home. As designs change throughout the years, so do our collections. From farmhouse to modern, Sunnypoint always maintains a collection of home decor that suits your style.

 You can count on us to curate a beautiful variety of items for your kitchen, bathroom, home office, laundry center, closets, and outdoor living spaces. Our goal isn’t just to fulfill a need, but rather to inspire your home’s ambience and make it a place you enjoy spending time in. 

 Our Culture

The products we’ve selected reflect who we are as a company and what we want to represent. We demonstrate our commitment to style, quality, and value in everything we do, and that makes us the best choice for home decor.

First, to our employees: we’re committed to a diverse workplace filled with opportunities where everyone can succeed. Our success as an organization is a direct reflection of our employees’ skills, abilities, and support of our mission. We take care in hiring employees from a variety of backgrounds so that we can learn and grow, together.

At Sunnypoint, we remain committed to each of our customers and employees by offering desirable products at fair prices. We’re fully invested in providing an optimal customer experience, both before and after every sale. Our goal isn’t just to ensure your satisfaction today, but also to build trust and earn your business for the long term.

We believe the quality of our collections speaks for itself and will continue to set a strong example for other home decor retailers to follow.